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Stephen Bedford, EdD

I have held several different jobs in technology:

  • IT Director

  • Adjunct Professor

  • Teacher

  • Consultant


B.S.  Bob Jones University (1973)

M.A.  University of South Florida (1982)

Ed.S. Nova Southeastern University (1997)

Ed.D. North Central University (2020)

Currently working on a Ph.D. in Computer Science at National University

Honor Societies:

The National Society of Leadership and Success


Exploring Teachers' Perceptions of The iPad as an Instruction Tool and Need for Focused Professional Development (ProQuest Number: 28025115)

Dissertation Abstract:

This study explored teachers’ perceptions of the iPad as an instructional tool and the need for focused professional development. The problem is the ineffective use of iPads due to the lack of adequate training and professional development of teachers. Teachers have a deficiency regarding the use of iPads as an instructional tool and are not comfortable with them. The purpose of the qualitative case study was to explore teachers’ perceptions regarding the iPad as an instructional tool as well as their comfort level and thoughts regarding PD-related activities that could benefit iPad instructional use. The theoretical framework was based on the technological pedagogical content knowledge model (TPACK). The model combines technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge. The theory can help educators develop the types of PD that will benefit teachers. The methodology in the study was qualitative, in which interviews were completed with 10 participants. The research questions asked the perceptions of teachers that are using the iPads in the classroom, comfort level with iPads, and PD-related activities that would be of benefit to the teachers. The results were that teachers were comfortable with the iPads, used them often, and had many ideas regarding how best to provide PD. The conclusions of the study were in one case contrary to the literature in that teachers were pleased using the iPads. The recommendations for practice are that more research would be beneficial and that it is essential to understand the perceptions of teachers and to provide adequate PD.

Areas of interest:



Network Administrator

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