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What are some of the key issues and trends regarding IT?

  • 5G is here but it will take a few more years to be fully functional (infrastructure needs to be updated). It is estimated that when it is fully updated you will be able to download a movie in a few seconds (speeds will increase 10 to 100 times). It will also make self driving cars a reality.

  • Mobile devices will continue to get smaller and faster. We have entered the era of one-to-one computing in education. That is, every student will have a device that they will carry at all times at home or school

  • EV - Electric Vehicles are the future. There is a great deal of push back but this is generally the case with technological change

  • Autonomous Vehicles (self-driving cars)

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence, One important update is ChatGPT

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin

  • Programmers always needed

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